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About CJG


I will reflect on myself with my mind's eye.

I will put everything I learn at college into practice in my future job as well in my way of living. As life is precious, I will live a good life. To live a good life, I will learn to think for myself while at college. When I graduate and get a job, I will be a lady who can reflect on herself with her mind's eye!

Chikushi Jogakuen University was founded in 1988, aiming at helping women to be leaders who with practical knowledge can contribute to the development of the local communities as well as to the growing demand for internationalization of our society.

Chikushi Jogakuen University offers, in addition to the major courses, courses for Japanese and English teacher training, JFL (Japanese as a Foreign Language) teacher training, museologist training, and a precourse
for the certified social worker national examination.

Department of Japanese Language and Literature

We offer courses on Japanese language and literature envisaged in terms of culture and language at large. We help women to develop a sense of intellectual curiosity with no hindering frameworks and learn about Japanese language and literature from the broadest cosmic point of
view. The curriculum includes not only the basic courses in Japanese language and literature but also various other courses such as computing, religions and thoughts, folk culture and foreign languages.

Department of English

We offer courses with English linguistics at its core and help students acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. We help students to develop keen insight into English linguistics and to brush up their pronunciation, conversational and writing skills.

Our aim is to help them acquire an internationally acceptable command of English.

Department of English and Multi-Media Studies

Established in 2005, this department seeks to combine the best of
English studies with computer-related studies.  In doing so, students
will be better equipped to enter the job market.  Nowadays companies
are looking for graduates with superior English skills as well as knowledge of computers. 

Department of Asian Studies

In our department we help our students to broaden their understanding
of different cultures around Asia and help them brush up their com-munication skills. We offer courses to help women to meet the standards of contemporary society and contribute to the internationlized society.

Department of Human Welfare

Chikushi Jogakuen Junior College has a two-year curriculum for helping women to develop individuality and to acquire professional knowledge in each field.

Each department offers a curriculum with a varied courses to help students acquire professional skills together with competence that will help them put their skills into practice.

Students who wish to pursue still higher education may apply for
admission to the third year at Chikushi Jogakuen University.

Since it was founded in 1965, Chikushi Jogakuen Junior College
has been noted for its excellent graduates in various fields
of occupations which has naturally helped raise the percentage
of new graduates getting job offers.