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Learning from Disney

  The Walt Disney Company is an American entertainment company founded by Walt Disney. Born Walter Elias Disney, Walt is famous for animation movie production and theme park management. In addition to those, the Disney Company also carries networks, produces 2D and 3D movies, and runs and manages theme parks around the world. It is a so-called media system comprehensive enterprise. 


  Walt Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois, on December 5, 1901. He worked in various places as an animator, producer, film director, script writer, voice actor, businessman, and entertainer. He is the creator of the world-famous animation character Mickey Mouse. He established the Walt Disney Company with his older brother. Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966. 


   In 1923, when he was 22 years old, Walt Disney founded the Disney Brothers company along with his brother Roy. Together they produced the movie “Alice Comedy” series, which ran for three years and gained popularity. After that, “Oswaldo the Lucky Rabbit” series also became popular, but in 1928, due to copyright problems, it became unusable. Walt Disney then created a new character, “Mickey Mouse,” with Abu Iwerks remaining in the company, and it became extremely popular. The 1932 “Series Symphony” won an academy shot animated prize. After that, Disney became a regular nominee for Academy Awards. In 1937, the world’s first full-length animated film, “Snow White,” was produced with a lot of money, and it became a big hit. During the Second World War, a propaganda movie with Donald Duck as the protagonist, was also produced. 

   After the war, they also started to develop theme parks along with the production of animated live-action movies. In 1955 they opened Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Due to retirement of veteran animators and the death of Walt Disney himself, the popularity of Disney animation temporary fell after 1970. However, popularity revived in 1989 with the release of “The Little Mermaid.” After that, “Toy Story became a big hit, and Disney was loved around the world again. Disney’s theme parks spread around the world. These included Disneyland Resort in California, Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan, Disneyland Resort Paris, in Marne-la-Vallee, France, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort in Hong Kong, and Shanghai Disneyland Park in China. 

Learning from Disney

   As I have just introduced, there are also Disney resorts in Japan, and there are many people who have actually visited them. Most people who have been to the Disney Resorts are surprised to notice the kindness and entertainment of the people working there. Every time I go to Disney Resort, I am impressed. So, I will learn from the Disney Cast, to think about what people are liked by people who do their job well. 

   Originally the cause of deterioration of the relationship between people is due to a lack of communication. First, the Disney Cast think that everything that can be seen is a show. Disney is “Family Entertainment.” The Cast needs to be popular among people of all ages, including young people, men and women. Conversely, doing fashion that may have a disgusting feeling is a no-go in Disney. For example, the criteria for the appearance of a woman cast in Disney are as follows. The hair is to be balanced with the skin, eyes and eyebrows. Even if you dye your hair, it must have a natural finish and if it has unevenness of color you are required to adjust it. Also, makeup is limited to those with minimum cleanliness. A thing with excessive radiance, such as lamé, gold, silver, and flashy coloring are not good. Nails should not exceed 3 millimeters beyond the tip of the fingers. Manicure is allowed only in colors close to the skin color. If you feel these rules are tough, you may be more emphasizing fashionable perspective than grooming. In whatever workplace, like the Disney Cast, do not think that “Grooming is part of the show and what you do for others”? Removing assertions and individuality for self-satisfaction will bring one closer to being loved in the workplace. 

   Next, the Disney Cast treat colleagues in the workplace as guests. Disney casting care is a wonderful thing. Disney puts special emphasis on cleaning, and the indicator is very severe. “OK, even if a baby crawls all the way.” There is a night custodian who cleans from night until morning. “For me, the cast that takes over in the morning is also an important guest. I am glad that they say thanks from a fellow guest by their hard work.” I heard he said that. Walt Disney’s words have these words. “Giving is the greatest pleasure. A person carrying joy to others will thereby gain their own joy and satisfaction.” In fact, people who are loved from the surrounding and who can work can be good at giving something to themselves as much as they can say. Even if you are not in charge of yourself, please help your colleague or call out to someone in need, help yourself. And the Disney Cast is trying to greet catch-balls. Do not say “Welcome” to the guest, do you know that you are saying “Hello” “Good evening”? The reason is that, as a catch ball, a greeting that becomes two-way makes it easier for subsequent communication. For example, when there was a guest who fell asleep at the attraction, “I have finished the show,” please do not say, “Please get up, the show has ended,” but rather, “How are you feeling? It seems that you are tired.” Then the guest also answers, “I’m sorry, I came early in the morning from the district.” No, I can reply to nature. As a general rule, speaking with 5W1H makes it easier for the conversation to continue. This kind of attention makes guests feel comfortable and able to spend the day at the theme park. It is nothing else thanks to such a cast that one garbage in the city has not fallen, and that it makes me feel like I am in a fantasy world where everyone can smile. 
   Walt Disney has these words: “A story that will not be completed forever, it is Disney.” “I want to make such a dream world that you can always eat delicious foods, cleaning is always going on.” I think that this word has already been realized. I worked part-time at a restaurant, but I regretted that I was not able to do such a worthwhile concern. If I quickly noticed my concern like Disney’s cast like Walt Disney, I would have made a better customer service. From now on, I will study abroad in Korea for half a year, after which I will hunt for a job. And I’m sure I will be doing the work in the following year, if I do my best. Whatever profession I get, I will be sure to be a good employee if I can make use of this Disney’s words and worries without fail. So, I would like to do my best in the future, in the report of this Disney.