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    I have a bitter memory of the soccer World Cup 2006. When I was a high school student 4 years ago, a television reporter came to my Chikuyougakuen high school. This was Tatuhiko Kubo,a player of J.League,was from Chikuyougakuen high school. He was a famous soccer player then. So everyone at school believed him to be chosen as a member of World Cup team. World Cup in 2006 was the last chance like the age for him. But he was not chosen. We and his parents felt sad. This is my bitter memory. He is also playing an active part in the J.League now.

     I was not too interested in this year’s World Cup. But I got up early in the morning, and turned on the television and watched in Japan to support. I like to watch sports. It was hard to get up early in the morning. But I got up and watched a game with my mother. I watched a game until night. This Japan team had only one good player. Veteran goalkeeper Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi and striker Kisyo Yano were the biggest surprises in an otherwise familiar selection as national team manager Takeshi Okada named his squad for the World Cup.
    Takayuki Morimoto is the same age as me. He was preferred by a director and appeared on a regular season game of J League by a junior high school student. “Junior high school student J Leaguer birth” and headline achieved regular season game appearance in 10 months and 6 days for 15 years old of the J League historical youngest person, and were written on a sports newspaper. He won J League best Rookie of Year award by the historical youngest person. I was quite interested in him. Though it’s the same year as me, he’s doing a wonderful life-style. I expected his future achievement. He’s going to transfer the registration to foreign countries immediately. Hw was also playing an active part at foreign countries. I’m glad because he becomes a player famous for the world. But it wasn’t possible to judge the place where he played an active part from this year’s World Cup. I believe him also ti play an active part now.
    Shunsuke Nakamura was famous since a high school student. He wins the J League excellent rookie of the year title of 1997. He participate in a Japanese representative training camp for the first time in the beginning in 1998 and he win J League best eleven in 1999. And he participates in the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and wins the J League MVP Prize at the Japanese player youngest in the J League MVP Prize and the Japan year. He wins a lot of prizes in this way. Shunsuke played a key role in the Olympics and the World Cup and played a game. His proud skill is a free kick. He did any score by a free kick. However, He needed to never go for a match in the World Cup of 2010. Though I looked forward to this activity, I was disappointed.
     FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 was held in South Africa. A supervisor of the Japanese representative team is Manager Takeshi Okada. Manager Okada is called “Oka Chan”. He is 54 years old now. He visited the senior high school where I went to well. He and manager Yoshiura of the soccer club of the senior high school as for the friend is because is it. He said by an interview when he went to meet Manager Yoshiura before World Cup began. I did not think that Manager Yoshiura was a so terrible person. Manager Okada whom I image is the person who dose not understand a joke with straightness. However, players and Manager Okada when I was interviewed did the way that would make them laugh and said a joke by oneself. His impression changed. He was a very interesting person.
    Yuto Nagatomo is a soccer player. Nagatomo belonged to the soccer club of Higasifukuoka High School. There is Higasifukuoka High School in Fukuoka. He is a school year in the one than me. I have watched in the match of the soccer club my high school and his high school. I did not think that he became a so big star in those days. He is a Japanese famous soccer player now. All his families are famous athletes. His father and old man were famous bike racers. He said that I became a bike racer when he did not become a soccer player. But he became a soccer player. His father dies several years ago. He had brothers and was able to be brought up with mother alone. Because it wanted to let you relax a mother economically that he decided to become a professional soccer player. I was impressed to hear this. He is person that he is important for a Japanese representative. He played an active part in the World Cup a lot. I look forward to the World Cup four years later, too.
     The player who attracted attention most in Japan is Keisuke Honda. He participated in all four games as a start member in World Cup. He had an unyielding character, and the remark was sometimes called a big mouse. However, he carried out that he said. He was strong in the physical, too. He felt the soccer small with defeat when he fell down. This thought is rare for Japanese. Some Japanese fall down only by a body having proved right. But, he did not fall down by the hit that no matter how was intense either. I came to like me to see World Cup a little.
     Yoshikatu Kawaguti is Japanese representative captain. I did not think he was chosen as a member. He is chosen as ten times of Japan all-star representatives so far. He can be superior to only it in ability. He seems to take good care of a fan very much. “If there are 100 people, I sign 100 people.” He said. The attitude toward spectator after his match seems to be good, too. He was severe on a teammate. It is his good character. So he was chosen by a Japanese representative member as a mediator of a team.
Conclusion ???