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Fast Food
The fast food will be made in a short time and easy meal.  There are many kind of meal.  For example, hamburger, fried chicken, pizza, ice cream, sushi, buckwheat noodles, beef bowl, curry and rice.  Those fast foods are liked by a lot of people.  And, there is both children and adults popularity. Especially, it is useful for people of today who are pushed for time.  Fast food poured in from the United States to Japan in the 1970s.  Fast food infiltrated not only Japan but also the world, and today is indispensable for our life.  I want to describe the kinds and the problems of fast food.

The United States  -- three major fast foods

It is the one that the patty of the minced meat and the vegetable were sandwiched between round bread.  It is the national food that represents the United States. Nowadays the hamburger is one of the most popular foods in the world. The hamburger was food originally sold by pulling out bread.  The hamburger of present shape appeared for the first time in the exposition that was held in St. Louis in 1904. It became indispensable food for the Americans for about 100 years since then.

・hot dog
This was brought to the United States by German immigrants in the 19th century. It is said that it was named the hot dog because it looks like the dachshund dog with a long trunk.  A lot of people eat hot dogs while watching sports, etc. In 1995, in the United States, 16 billion hot dogs were consumed. (The number of consumed hamburgers is 5.2 billion.)

The etymology of the pizza is Italian. (It means the pie in Italy.)
It is said that it originated with the flat bread that was made in early Egypt. The pizza was an ethnic food for the immigrant from Italy that came to the United States in the latter half of the 19th century. It became a national food that represented the United States after World War II. Though pizza is a food of the southern part of Italy originally, it is widespread to all over the world now.

   As for the fast food, it is typical of the United States food. There are a lot of fast foods originating in the United States.
Because the United States was a multiethnic nation, it was necessary to make the taste accepted by more people. The seasoning that a lot of people had accepted was made. The fast food that was able to be eaten easily was accepted as a meal that raised the labor efficiency. And, the fast food restaurant has developed into the big enterprise. After World War II, the fast food restaurant from the United States started the overseas deployment in full scale. The first stage of oversea advancement of fast food was not cheap.

・Mister Donut
Mister Donut was established in Boston in 1955. It is doing business and on a large scale in Japan and the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand. The store overseas is about 1406 stores. In 1971, Mister Donut started a business in Japan. The first shop opened in Mino.  There are many characters, and they are loved by all. The character mixes an animal with a doughnut. Mister Donut is selling doughnuts, pies, and drinks. Especially, the commodity often changes, and the limited-time product is sold. It is a popular shop among women.

Fast food of Japanese origin
This was established in 1972. The first shop was opened in Itabashi in Tokyo. The share of the hamburger of Japan is second. (First place is McDonald)The goodness of the taste is popular because they make the product after the order is received. It was a management strategy of persisting in the improvement of the taste of the commodity. MOS BURGER uses Patty of the source and the combination minced meat that the Japanese likes. The teriyaki-burger was announced for the first time in the world in 1973. The hamburger based on rice instead of bread is sold. It is a peculiar menu which is only sold in Japan.

LOTTERIA was established in 1972, the first shop opened a store in Nihonbashi Tokyo in September. In those days, it had been planned as an ice cream shop to eat the ice cream made by Lotte. The number of shops in Japan is about 525 stores now. Only Shimane has not opened a store.  LOTTERIA has a menu composition that looks like those of other organizations of a like nature. However, Prawn-burger, originally developed in 1977, became famous. LOTTERIA is a shop of the prawn burger origin. It is offering a sour source and a peculiar taste.

The first McDonald's was started by McDonald brother in 1940 in the United States in San Bernardino, California. McDonald's is now managed by McDonald's Corporation.  The total of the stores in the world is about 30,000 stores. It exists in 118 countries. McDonald's is larger than any other fast food all over the world.

In Japan, McDonald has about 3,800 stores.  Low prices are valued more than the taste and service.   McDonald's mascot character is very famous. His name is Donald McDonald. The official name is Ronald McDonald, but calls it Donald McDonald in Japan. Because it is hard to pronounce the word "Ronald" for a Japanese, and "Donald" is easy to pronounce. A statue of Donald McDonald is put in front of a McDonald shop in many countries. It looks like a clown. He characterized by a red afro, red and white striped clothes and big red shoes. He can speak 31 languages: English, Japanese, Dutch language, Tagalog, Hindi, etc.

・Kentucky Fried Chicken
The standard nomenclature was changed from "Kentucky Fried Chicken" to "KFC" in 1991.
KFC was established by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952. The catch phrase is "It 's finger lickin' good."He devised the fried chicken the recipe which has maintained the same taste for more than 60 years. The method of using spice is an industrial secret. When frying up some chicken, a pressure cooker is used. It is a peculiar cooking method of KFC.
There is the statue which made him a motif. It is often placed in front of the shop. The height of this statue is 173cm. It is size of the real-life so Colonel Sanders. He always wore white suits, the statue wears a white suit.