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A.  Introduction-Why I like Cats.

I like cats. Because the cats is very lovely. The sleeping face is the great.
It is free and agrees with my pace. The voice is lovely. Cats is lovely mass. The hair is soft and good smell. I sometimes shampoo it. So it is good smell.  Gacchan is in the most in the world.

   Gacchan is a Cat. Cat's kind is a Siamese cat. Gacchan is the face, the hand, the foot, the tail, and  ear are black.  The body is white. Eyes are big. The sleeping face is very lovely. The voice is a little high. but, it doesn't mew so much.
   Cat's personality has a violent temper. Gacchan is bites when getting angry. But, when it is in a good mood, it licks. Gacchan is opens the door by myself. Gacchan is very cowardly. The Gacchan runs away when the guest comes to my house. Gacchan is fears the place doesn't know. But, the park on the side of my house is safe.  Gacchan is cowardly also in my elder brother and father. The reason is not understood. But, my elder brother and father like cats.

D.  features of a cat

The cat has a lot of features. It is caudate with the flexibility of the body, the agility, moving ability, eyes, noses, ears, tongues, and beards. Of each plays an important role in daily life. The cat can freely put the fingernail in and out. Moreover, a large brain develops and intelligence is high.  so, cat's thought is steady with the dog. The finger also has the features. The cat has a lot of fingers. The cat with a lot of fingers is described in Guinness Book as the cat whose finger is most in the world.

F. History of cats: Egypt etc. Domestic cats, Feral cats

   The cat is have all over the world. It is a small animal. To capture the rat, cat's origin began to be kept. Many are bred as a pet. The cat had been treated as a treasure in Egypt at that time. Ancient Egyptian valued the cat very much. The cat was embalmed and the early Egypt was buried cordially. So the idea of which it used of the god the cat arose. It was worshiped as a sacred living thing in ancient Egypt.
   Domestic cats
   Cat's skin is used for the samisen. The cat is recorded as one of the meats that should not be made for food in Edo period. A genuine cat is valuable Edo period. There was a cat given the rank at the Heian era, too.

   Feral cats
   Scientific name Felis silvestris catus. The meaning of a word is a cat, and a wild cat.

E. types of cat -----Manx、Siamese、Chartreux、Abyssinian、Russian Blue、AmericanShortHair、Turkish Angoraetc

   Manx is a cradle as for the man island in Britain. It is a kind name of the cat that doesn't have the tail. As cat's kind, the club was made and registered in Britain in 1901.

   The Siamese cat is a Thai kingdom origin and a cat of the short hair kind. Siamese cat's pupil that the addition and subtraction of light looks red like blue eyes is a feature.

   Chartreux is an article kind of the cat that makes France the country of origin. Cat that receives love of Charles De Gaulle and Colette

   Abyssinian's country of origin is Ethiopia.

   Russian Blue
   It is said that Russia is an abiogenesis kind of the origin in Russian Blue. Russian Blue is a short hair. The color of the hair is a solid color by blue. I love Russian Blue

   American Shorthair is cat's kind. It is the most general in the United States kind. It is a medium cat with high moving ability that has a big leg. It lives long very affectionately.

   Turkish Angora
   The Turkish Angora was born in the region in Ankara in a Turkish center part. It is a white cat. It is very active though it has a graceful face.

C. Neighborhood cats

   There are two cats in the neighbor's house. The cat is a monde and a ruby.  Two cats are brother and sister. The monde is a male. In the monde, the body is a black cat. The ruby is a female. In the ruby, the body is a brown cat. Two cats are very lovely. It is a Gacchan, a monde, and the ruby is a friend. It enters my house. And, three cats sleep. It sometimes eats meal together. Three cats are true brother and sister.

H. Cartoon Cats: Garfield ,Tom(& Jerry), Doraemon, Hello Kitty, Dog & Cats, etc

   Garfield was Newspaper cartoon that began serial in the United States on June 19, 1978. It is serialized to The Japan Times of an English newspaper in Japan. The hero is an orange cat. A cluttery play is an article for sale.

Tom(& Jerry)
   It is Tom of carelessness though it is large and it is brutal. Tom is cat. It is Jerry with clear brain though the body is small. Jerry is rat. It is a drawn work in nonsense and enough humour. Very familiar, deep work.

   Robot of cat type of the 21st century. There are a lot of items with a mysterious effect. Nobita is helped by using the item.

Hello Kitty
    Hello Kitty is personified white child cat. Long life character that represents Sanrio. It ribbons to the root of a left ear. Lady gaga is announced the hairstyle of Kitty's ribbon.

I.  Superstitions: Black Cats, Multiple lives, Witches Cats, Maneki Neko
Ypres-Kattenstoet (a cat parade)

Black cats
   When the road is crossed by the cat, it is said it is acceptable in Japan even if it is inauspicious. Superstition transmitted from the USA. It is a token of good luck in Britain as for this. Moreover, it was said that business succeeded when a black cat was kept.

Witches Cats
   A black cat was believed to be witch's companion or witch's incarnation in Europe of the Middle Ages.

Maneki Neko
   Maneki Neko is an ornament of the cat that has shape to invite the person with the forefoot. It is assumed the good luck talisman of the business prosperity.

J.  Cat in literature:Wagahai ha Neko, A Cat, A Man & 2 Woman, Puss In Boots, etc.

Wagahai ha Neko
   Wagahai ha Neko is Soseki Natsume's long novel. This story is written from cat's aspect. The human drama was written satirizing it. The model of the hero of this story is a black cat. This is a very famous story.

A Cat, A Man & 2 Woman
   A Cat, A Man & 2 Woman is Jyunichiro Tanizaki`s long novel. As for this story, three people and life were brandished by mesuneko. When it wanted mesuneko, Syozo's ex-wife sent a letter to. But It doesn't move as she thought. She thought. When the thing that the cat is looked after is such serious.

Puss In Boots
   Puss in Boots is Folk tale spread to Europe. Charles Perot wrote this story. It was made to the animated cartoon in Japan in 1969. This story was contributed to the Grimm fairy tale.

K.  Conclusion

Cats is very cute. I examined the cat. There are various cats. It is a cat of literature and a cat of the animated cartoon. It is cat's dusting of the kind. I think. There are a lot of cats that I do not know. It is long of cat's history. There are a lot of superstitions of the cat, too. The superstition has been succeeded now. The cat is small. But, the cat has a lot of functions. It is wonderful. I like cats. I want to value the cat.