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I become pity like Indian ink in summer. The body inside becomes could like ice in winter. I had to clean many rooms, wash dishes and uniforms. Shop for a lot of tools and water, and greet many visitors. In the summer I had to make Senbaduru (Japanese traditional “Origami” ) I sometimes run away. But there was a lot of fun. Days without practicing baseball, watching a movie or going to sea, we were like family. Every day was fun. Especially I cannot forget that we went to Koshien in summer. They had been practicing, dairy sweat. Seeing their efforts, I was moved. They could not win. But they really appreciated that. I come to like baseball. I had the secret enjoyment. I was falling in love with the baseball coach (unrequited love) then he was 39years old. He was very intellectual, handsome, and good at baseball. He was raised baseball player. So, I was not talking. Even though the boys have grown up in the past, I would tell him. When the time came, I would become quite a girl. I graduated from the high school, it was not possible to say love. I go to school sometimes, he is very cool now. 
     I am a junior high school students baseball manager now. The team’s name is “Shime boys”. Our team is not strong and has never taken first place at the tournament this year. But they decisively practice playing baseball every day.  I come to want to play baseball. there is a really in August, and I want to win the championship. They are polite and have a big voice. I like them polite. I do the opening ceremony and I am taking care of them. But they are junior high school students, bigger than me. they are very energetic, wonderful and very pretty. There are my boast children. I love Shime boys. I have an important role. I should do their health care, it is necessary to note it especially. Because it is easy to become heat stroke in summer. The moisture replenishment is important. It is necessary to note that it is likely to injure. I have to write their record of performance. It is a heavier responsibility than in high school. It is a challenging task. We live in the training camp and the expedition on the weekend. When in the training camp the coach and parents drink till midnight.  I like alcohol. They like drink and are very strong. But they drink too much. So I have quite a job from the morning.  I wake up the children and go to walk. And it is necessary to go to wake them up. Walking the baseball coach is the most serious. His living is very bad. He does not get up though he sets three alarm clocks. He is an embarrassing adult. But I like his appearance to teach baseball. there will be the little league world championship next year. I will attend the opening ceremony and announce there. The baseball players gather from 8bountres in the world. And deepen exchanges. I think that it is very wonderful. Here after, by a baseball, people want to make friends around the world. I want to support those who will hold a baseball.

Who is your favorite player.  What is your favorite team.

My favorite player is Iguchi Tadahito. Hi is baseball player of Chiba Lotte marines now.  He was Fukuoka Daiei Hawks of baseball player when I was elementary school student. Hi is defending second base. He hit 30 home run and did 40 stealing. This is the third person in history. Hi is infielder of the first class. I became an infielder yearning to him. My favorite team is Softbank Hawks. Because Softbank Hawks is a symbol team of Fukuoka.  I like baseball and baseballfun.

Describe the game of baseball.  Compare with soft ball.

Baseball is that sports done by 9 people. It plays a game two team and , it struggles for the point repeating the attack and the defense.27 outs are taken, and the team with high number of scores is a win. baseball is sports mentally and physically for ged. Because, l it is learnt to cooperate and , make an effort. Baseball is gives courage to a lot of people.  I was able to meet a lot of people because it played baseball. I am really happy every day. There are 2 differences between baseball and softball in me.

First of all. softball’s ball is bigger than baseball’s. I am small hands, so , I cannot catch the ball. Second, softball cannot led. I am not fun. I like baseball than softball.

Why is baseball popular in Japan?

I think that the baseball player gives us the dream and hope. The Japanese likes to assist in the group. I can in get vigour by seeing their activity. And the importance of team work is learnt. Because a lot of people also watch a baseball game, it is likely to think so. Baseball is a national game of Japan.
My most favorite game is baseball. I knew about baseball when I was in first grade of elementary school. My grandfather likes baseball. I watced baseball games on the television everyday with my grandfather. I began to the baseball game when I was in the third grade of elementary school. He was very pleased. I practiced everyday with my boy friends. We fought a lot and we were in the mud everyday. I was girl like a tom. I wanted to be a professional baseball player in the future. But I could not join the baseball club when I was a junior high school student. Because ,I am a girl. I was very sad and mortified. My boy friends said me “you become a sports caster and interview us. Never give up Ayumi. We love baseball forever.” I was encouraged by them. Then I wanted to be a sports caster. In high school, I become a baseball club manager. Manager is very serious.
I respect a person is Sadaharu Oh. He was born on may 10, 1940 in Japan. ( he has the same birthday as me)  his parents were managing a Chinese restaurant. His father  from Taiwan and his mother from Japan. He started playing baseball when he was child, as soon well. He whet to Koshien and attracted attention , and he become a professional baseball . He called “ Oh of the world” everyone. He is a very famous person, obedient and hard-working. It is likely to boast to everyone surely is I am him. But he does not boast. He was loved by many people. He hit 868 home runs and became good in the world. It is the record that nobody. And his museum was completed in Fukuoka , yahoo dome.  I heard the news, and then decided that I would. It is the place, I am working a part-time-job now. He came to the opening day. He said to us “ thank you for your work.” I knew wonderful of him again. I love him. A lot of people visited, and it was very serious during a day. But it is possible to work in a museum, and I am very happy. It is wonderful place. There are many monuments, big screen and pictures in the room. Where you can watch baseball. many children visit and have baseball’s playground. A lot of people visit the museum every day. old people looks like the photograph missing it. And children seem to have been surprised and are looking at the his record. Children increase when breaking up for the summer. Many children said “wonderful place. It was very enjoyed!” They are playing happily. It is seen, and I become glad. Many Taiwanese also visit the museum. I don’t understand Chinese but they are good at Japanese. Chinese person came to Japan to visit the museum. Hi is really famous. Near the museum, there is a handicapped person’s hospital. Wheelchairs and handicapped persons also come. They come to the museum and are getting cheerful. My grandfather cannot walk now. I want to go to the museum with him some day. I think that he is a wonderful person who rives the dream and hope to a lot of people. I like baseball all over the world/ I cannot teach baseball but, I can teach happiness and the severity baseball. so I will keep working as a boys league manager in the future, and to teach the goodness of sports. I want the person who doesn’t know baseball either to enjoy playing baseball. and I want to continue the activity that expands baseball even until I become a grandmother. I love baseball. Thank you
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