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Walt Disney and his Characters
The famous character Mickey Mouse was named by Walt Disney. At first he was a mouse named “Mortimer”. Next, his wife the mouse named “Minnie Mouse”. After Mickey Mouse appeared in many Disney short films. In 1955 Walt Disney established a theme park in California. The theme park was named Disney Land. There are many attractions in Disney Land. Disney Land is called “Dream country”. The theme park can be enjoyed by adults and children. There are many attractions, foods and Disney character’s parade in this theme park. Many people can have a good memory in this theme park and go home. There are many Disney Lands in foreign country. The theme parks are in America, Japan, China, and France. There are many attractions of material from various Disney movies in this theme park.
  Let me introduce the world of Disney Resorts.

  There are California Disney Land, Florida Disney World, Hong Kong Disney Land, Disney Land Paris, Disney cruise Line, and Disney vacation club.

♦California Disney Land ♦
  This theme park is the first Disney Land in the world, made by Walt Disney in 1955. This park is said to be “The happiest place on earth”. There are two theme parks and three Disney hotels in this resort. This is Disney Land Park, Disney California adventure park, Town town Disney, and Disney resort hotels.

♦Florida Disney World ♦
This theme park has a very big scale and vast site theme park. There are four theme parks, two entertainment areas, more than twenty hotels, five golf courses, camp sites, stock farms, and marina. In this theme park one can do a lot of playing.

♦Hong Kong Disney Land ♦
  This is newest resort all over the world. Hong Kong Disney Land opened in 2005. Hong Kong Disney Land is set in Lantao island. There are a lot of seasonal events. The seasonal events feature traditional factors of Chinese. There is a parade to enjoy the rainy day. There is the place that people can enjoy the abovementioned language of three countries in this theme park.

♦Disney Land Paris ♦
  This park is Europe’s romantic theme park. This theme park is in Paris, France. There are Disney Land Park, Walt Disney Studio, Disney Village and seven official hotels.

     Walter Elias Disney (Walt Disney) was born in Chicago of the United states of America in 1901.12.5. Walt Disney is very famous all over the world. He set out as an animator , producer , film director , playwright and voice actor. He is the conceptual parent of the famous character Mickey Mouse. “Mickey Mouse” is a very famous character. Walt Disney established the Walt Disney Company with his brother Roy Disney. He was interested in drawing picture from boyhood. At first, he became a comic artist. But his interested shifted from comic artist to animator, so he became an animator.
― Tokyo Disney Land ―

There are seven theme lands in Tokyo Disney Land. The theme lands are World bazaar, Adventure land, Western land, Critter land, Fantasy land, Toon-town, and Tomorrow land. These lands are theme lands of great individuality. This theme park’s parade is enjoyed at noon and night. And character’s show is enjoyed from morning till night. In the park’s attractions one can experience Disney’s movie world. There are attractions very popular with many people. There are many attractions adults and children can enjoy. There are Mickey Mouse’s house (meet Mickey) and Minnie Mouse’s house. We go to Mickey Mouse’s house. We can always meet Mickey Mouse all day. And we can take a picture with Mickey Mouse. There are thrill full attractions in the theme park. For example, Space-mountain, Splash-mountain, Big thunder-mountain, Star-jet, and Haunted mansion. There are lots of pretty rides. For example, there are Alice’s tea party, It’s a small world, Flying Dumbo, Peter Pan’s flying travel, and Poohsan’s honey hunt. I like “It’s a small world” and “Poohsan’s honey hunt”. There are the highlights of many kinds of show. The show are Minnie oh Minnie, Mickey and Minnie’s show, and Lilo and Stitch’s show. The parade is twice a day. The noon is “Day parade Jubilation”. The night parade is “Tokyo Disney Land Electrical parade dream lights ”. This parade is very gorgeous. There are lots of limited sales Disney’s character goods in the park’s shopping store. There are lots of foods in this park too. We take pictures in the park, develop films in this place. The pictures can be taken out.

― Tokyo Disney Sea ―

This theme park has a sea and water theme. Summer season is Water program and summer entertainment. This program is Tokyo Disney Land too. The most new attraction is “turtle talk” in 2009.10.1. This attraction is Finding nemo‘s movie. Tokyo Disney Sea’s main character is “Duffy the Disney Bear”. Duffy’s face is Mickey’s shape. I want to go the Tokyo Disney Sea.

― Disney’s Hotel ―

Disney hotel are three hotels. There hotel is Disney  Ambassador Hotel, Tokyo Disney Sea hotel miracosta and Tokyo Disney hotel.

― Tokyo Disney Resort official hotel ―

Tokyo Disney Resort official hotel are six hotels. There hotel is Sunroute plaza Tokyo, Tokyo bay Maihama hotel, Tokyo Bay Hotel Tokyu, Hilton Tokyo bay, Hotel Okura Tokyo bay and Sheraton Grande Tokyo bay hotel.

Introducing Disney’s characters

Mickey Mouse: Mickey Mouse debut by “Steamship Willy” in 1928.11.18. This character is Disney comic movie’s main character and most popular character all over the world.

Minnie Mouse: This character is Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend. And Minnie Mouse’s birthday is the same as Mickey Mouse.

Pluto: This character is Mickey Mouse’s pet dog. Mickey doesn’t think pet. Because he think close friend.

Goofy: This character is Mickey Mouse’s long-term relationship friend. And this character debuted in “Mickey Company” in 1932.

Donald Duck: This character is Mickey Mouse’s friend and debuted in “the wise hen” in 1934.

Daisy Duck: This character is Donald Duck’s girl friend.

Chip and Dale: These character debut by “Private Pluto” in 1943.4.2. They are twin brothers. Their favorite foods are peanut, acorn and apple.

Other characters:

Lilo and Stitch: Lilo lives in Hawaiian Kauai Island. And she is five years old. Stitch is alien’s trial product No.626. This character is blue body and strong force.

Winnie the Pooh: Pooh-san is teddy bear and main character. This character’s birthday is 1921.8.21. His friends are Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger.


Walt Disney's made characters are very famous all over the world.  I like Disney's characters.  My favorite Disney character is Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  And my favorite Disney Movie is Toy Story.  I watch this movie (Toy Story 1, 2, 3) on DVD.  I often go to the rental video shop and rent Disney movie's DVD. I have ever been to Tokyo Disney Land before a few times.  I think Disney Land has a dream.  I have never been to an overseas Disney Resort.  I examined about world Disney resorts, I think I'd like to go to world Disney resort some day. 
Pixar Animation Stuidios is an American movie production company.  This company is Walt Disney Company’s perfect subsidiary from 2006. All of Pixar’s feature films are done in collaboration with Walt Disney Pictures.  Pixar’s first feature film was “Toy Story,” released in 1995.

                                           Feature Films                                             Short Films

                                          1995  Toy Story                                          1986  Luxo Jr.
                                          1998  A Bug’s Life                                     1988  Tin Story
                                          1999  Toy Story 2                                       1997  Geri’s Game
                                          2001  Monsters Inc.                                    2000  For the Birds
                                          2003  Finding Nemo                                  2004  Boundin’
                                          2004  The Incredibles                                2005  One Man Band
                                          2006  Cars                                                  2008  Magician Presto
                                          2007  Ratatouille                                        2009  Dug’s Special Mission
                                          2008  WALL-E… etc.                                2010  Day & Night… etc.