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My School Life (favorite things)
I.  Oita

The first memories,I went on a trip to OIta with some friends from class.  Their names are Sakura,Mitue,Kana and Shoko.  We rented an automobile.  We drove the expressway taking turns at the wheel.  The scenery of the place where we took a rest was very beautiful.  Then,a lot of photographs were taken.  And we arrived at Oita.  We came round the hill.  Round hill means round in hot spring.  Because the temperature is high,the hot spring is said "hill".  It is very hot and special product in Oita.  In Oita,there are a lot of special product.  For instance, there are Toriten(bird's tempura),hill's pudding(steaming pudding),Dagoziru(dango soup).  Plus a lot of others.  But they are very deilicious.  I ate the pudding of the special product.  Moreover, I was wanting to eat something delicious.  And,I drove a little again.  we arrived at oita safari park.  There were a lot of animals.  We turned to the garden getting an the animal's bus.  There are Lions, Elephants,Camels,Rhinoceroses,Tigers,and Kangaroos.  I was very glad to see animals closely.  And,I touched some animals.  They are very cute.  They make me happy.  I like them.  I touched the animal that I was not always able to do.  We all went to Yufuin when returning.  We took a not spring bath and we were able to relax very much.

II.  South Korea

The second memories South Korea trip.  I went to Seoul with my friend.  I have been to South Korea three times.  The first time I went to Seoul with my family.  The second time I went to Pusan with my friend.  This time, we went to Seoul by airplane,  and did a three day trip.  We did a lot of shopping in the duty free shop.  Because, It is a half of the price of Japan, when shopping in South Korea, I came out ahead.  I bought a lot of cosmetics.  My fovorite stores are MAC, NARS, BOBBI BROWN, shu uemura, CHANEL, LANCOME.  There were various cosmetic stores and I was interested  in Myondon-machi of Seoul.  I had various experiences beside shopping.  I experienced yomogi bath and dirt cleaning.  It was very Pleasant.  Moreover, Korean food was very delicious.  For me, the first broiled meat very delicious.  Delicious of the broiled meat was special.  Clothes, Shoes, and South Korea's cosmetics were cheap.  It was a very good town.  The tour guide of South Korea was a good person.  I want to go again to South Korea.  I like South Korea!!

IV.  Barbecue

The fourth memories was a barbecue.  I did the barbecue with my friends.  We bought alcoholic drinks food and fireworks.  The place that it took place was Shikanoshima.  Music was played and we were drunk and we did fireworks.  Fireworks were very beautiful. We put our foot in the sea and playing. It was happy thought we got wet because we entered the sea.  I want to do a lot of barbecue this year.  We shot off firework on the beach.  The beach is beautiful.

V.  New Year

The fifth memories, saw the old year out and the New year is my friends.  I was going to see the old year out with my family.  However, I decided to spend the pat not invited by the friends.  The friend and I went to the Mojiport retro by car.  The place was crowded with a lot of people.  It was near the sea, and it was very cold.  In the countdown, firework went up.  I thought fireworks seen in winter to be a very mysterious.  When the countdown ended, my friends and I ate Udon(noodle).  It was warm and It was delicious.  We went to the great shrine of Munakata,and finished by eating noodles.  We cast the sacred lot one by one.  I got a small good luck.  Japanese said "Shoukichi".  I was a little sad.  I wanted to draw excellent luck was good.  Because there was a stall, I ate potato butter, grilled chicken,apple candy and hashimaki.  The great shrine of Munakata was also crowded.  I was able to spend a happy seeing the old year out.

III. Beauty Contest

The third memories, beauty technical college contest.  I was a model of the make-up.  The girl who took charge of me was the same year as me.  we made friends right away.   I was a model of the final contest.  As for me, I was good or became uneasy by model of the final contest.  However, she removed my uneasiness.  She had Various ideas.  Her feelings that she wanted to win the championship were very strong.  And, I also worked hard accading to her feelings the model of wanting the answer.  She was in the make-up department.  In the contest, I did the make-up imaging of a black woman.  The reson is that black woman has strength and vigor.  It is cool.  I painted the skin black, and put the colored cantact lens weird.  The make-up was also diffterent from usual.  i was happy to do sith quite diferent that usually do.  I was making her this dress that was observed and put on.  The dress color was red.  It is so sexy.  We prepaved it getting up early on that day of the real thing.  in the contest, i did a lot of walking practice because there was waliking too.  Acting before the audience was yery stained.  Because there were 700 spectators.  Hoever, it was not strained at all.  It was very happy pleasant walking in front of the spectators,and I got excited.  In it, other models had the same feeling.  Sadly she was not able to win she and I worked hard.  Very sadly we though that we obtained something more than the victory though we were mortified.  It became a good experience for me.

VI.  I did the hair cutting model.

I have a hair salon that I always go to,the hair salon there always satisfying finish.  I was asked by the beautican who was talking charge of me "Could you do the hair cutting model?"I said "OK!"  After that, I Stared at model.  I variously changed the  hair style.  At mosphere charged in me fast by hair style.  I changed my hair styleevery time I went to thehair salon and I took picture.  The photograph of me by person took a picture was recorded in the homepage.  And, the photograph became a sign board.  The photograph became a card and was distributed in Tenjin.  I was glad though I was a shamed.  I was to go again when my place of employment is decided.

VII  ~It Girl~

The seventh memories,I went to "It girl" with my friends.  The guest of the event was very gorgeous.  VIVI's models are Jun Hasegawa,Eri Rose.  And Singer was Ami Suzuki.  Eri Rose shook hand with me.  I was so happy!  They were very cute.  Jun Hasegawa is person of my yearning.  I love her from the second grade of high school.She is very attractive.Beacause she always been seen in the magazine, the woman who moved was fresh.  She was very lovely and very good-liking.  She looks very nice.  When the magazine is seen even if the event ends.  She is recalled, it was a happy event.

VIII  -- Saga

I went to Saga with my boyfriend!  It took one hour by car until arriving at Saga!We went to the shopping center in Saga. There were various clothes there.  There was a shop that I liked, too.   I came to want clothes only by a very lovely clothes.  And, I found clothes especially liked.   When it was tried on, just bought it for the size.  We found general conveyor-belt sushi concerning the inside of a store. When it ate the sushi there, it was delicious.  Saga to which it went out by two people is very delightfully.

I like university student life.  I have a lot of memories of it.